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 If there was ever any question about how and where our chairs are or who has them in their homes, here is a simple answer. We have them in our home and there is no difference in the quality that you will have in yours.

Retro Redo specializes in restoring and recovering all mid century furniture.  We can bring new life to your favorite designs of the 1950's and 1960's. We can customize almost any piece you would like using either fabric or vinyl, AND at the same time retain classic feel and charm as if it just rolled off the assembly line. mid century modern furniture

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We make it simple - all we need is the seat!

Remove seat from the base, put it in a box, send it to us, & we'll take care of the rest!

- This should help you save on shipping costs! 

We try to have a 7 day turnaround time & we send it back to you in the box you sent it to us in! It's just THAT simple! 


Why choose us when you can find someone in your area?

 Our craftsmen have over 30 years experience in recovering these timeless treasures. RetroRedo was founded after hearing “I don't think I can do that" or "I can not find the fabric, high grade vinyl or the crimp cord" too many times, at our local upholstery shop. That is what we specialize in- and that is what we do.
We have the original patterns for most chairs, and if we do not, we will make the pattern at no extra cost to you. 

Just Remember…

 The beauty of owning a Mid-Century Modern chair is to enjoy it and use it as a treasured part of your everyday furniture! 

- Redoing it does NOT diminish the dollar value of the piece, it just increases the everyday value.  

- Most every piece of Herman Miller furniture was stamped by Miller with either Eames or Nelsons name on it. Making it a fine piece of art to have and keep forever and display with pride.